Sharon M. Borror, OWS, WPA is HSA's Guest Artist on January 21, 2019

Come watch this wonderful watercolor artist in action as she demonstrates at HAS’s Monday night meeting, this coming Monday, January 21, 2019 at

Barlow Community Center at 7:30 pm.

Born and raised in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Sharon always had a love of art. As a child, coloring books and crayons; as a teenager, India ink. A gift of watercolors as an adult began her career with color.

As a basically self-taught artist, Sharon uses a limited palette to achieve a tranquil atmosphere to her paintings. Since mood and memory play an important role in her artwork, she uses collections of antiques or personal treasures arranged on folds of fabric or a lace tablecloth, often incorporating keepsake items belonging to late family members to honor their memory.

A signature member of OWS, and WPA, she is also a member of the Medina County Art League and the Crooked River Gang.

Sharon volunteers teaching art classes at the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center, provides workshops on color harmony, and travels extensively with her husband gathering reference for future paintings.

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